Louis Cardini Leather Bag Shop in the Rocks

Louis Cardini migrated from France to Australia in 1968. He established his business in Sydney in 1973 and has been designing and hand-crafting a wide range of quality luxury leather goods, including handbags, tote bags, wallets, briefcases, cabin luggage and other leather accessories.

Louis Cardini's products are the only genuine leather goods that are fully leather lined. He only uses the finest quality Australian leather including ostrich and crocodile. Louis Cardini is now an international recognised brand.

Visit the Louis Cardini Shop in the Rocks, Sydney Australia or buy his leather products online.

Open: 7 days, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Hi Louis

I just ordered a wallet No. 720 in classic redwood.  I am very excited to give this to my son for his birthday, am on my second wallet now as I purchased the first one when I was in Australia back in 1999.  I paid through paypal so all should be good, if there is any way to expedite I would appreciate it as his birthday is May 5th. You make incredible leather goods!

John (California, USA)


Hi Louis

My wife and I have visited your store in Sydney several times - most recently on Australia day.  I purchased this same wallet from you a couple years back.  Regrettably - I left it on top of my car, drove off and it was ran over by many vehicles (Trucks, buses, cars, etc) by the time I realized I lost it. You would be amazed how well the wallet held up despite the damage.  Needless to say - I was impressed.  Any other wallet would have been torn to shreds. A couple seams came out and that is why I am buying a new one.  I handed the old one down to my son who will try to fix it up.  He has always love that wallet.  When I come back to Australia - I will bring it by for you to look at.

While there are a million wallets I could have purchased here in the United States - none lives up the quality and workmanship of your products.

My wife purchased a beautiful purse from you and plans to buy another on our next trip. I hope you are enjoying your beautiful city of Sydney - swimming, exercising and enjoying everything life has to offer.

A lifelong customer,

Chester Flake (Sarasota, FL, USA) 


Hi Mr Cardini

I received the Wallet you shipped me last week. Thanks for your prompt service. I love the new Wallet and I am very happy with the quality and functionality of it!

Thanks again

Fara (USA)


Hi Louis

I love my beautiful Bi colour evening bag and I really appreciate the fact you could create it in black and yellow leather for me. I love the quality of the finish and the feet on the bottom to stop it getting dirty when sitting anywhere. I will treasure it for a long time. I hope you can post this onto your testimonials for me.

Kindest regards

Jacqui (New Zealand)


 Dearest Louis,

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I've just received my gorgeous new purple handbag with pink highlights from you. I love it! It is absolutely perfect - as usual the design and workmanship are exquisite. You are a genius. I'm so thrilled and honoured to own another Louis Cardini piece!

 Looking forward to seeing you next time I visit Sydney.

 Very best wishes,
 Fiona (Adelaide)