PETER VEST. S3662 - Baby Lamb Napa Genuine Natural Wool

Louis Cardini


Vest in NZ Baby Lamb Napa, Nu-buck or Suede with Natural Wool Interior in  the colour of your choice

 Available from XS – XL (XXL available at extra cost

 Knight craftsman guarantee of individuality and workmanship is sewn into every garment dully and permanently signed by both craftsman.

 Made by 2 of our New Zealand craftsman atelier experts in quality garments. All natural materials baby-lamb from Knight of NZ, all hand cut and finished. S3662

Lined inside as mother nature did, with the curly or Ironed wool covering the baby lamb:

We can make the style to your sizes, shaped or straight cut and sent it to you within 4 weeks via Australia secure express (when returning in normal time). Posted with a tracking number and signature.

Louis Cardini

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