MIKA 5 SR (Side Reversed) Thinnest Money Clip Wallet for 16 cards.

Louis Cardini


Yes for 16 credit cards we are the thinnest wallet in the world after the Mika 3 CC (9 cards.)

In Down Under, an achievement created in year 2000, An Olympic best in designing

On the left panel we have 2 credit cards pocket tailored for 3 or 6 credit cards upwards plus at the bottom left corner we have a flap to slide your money bills in after securing them in the "soft touch" money clip from Yokoya Japan and as well to secure your extra card's car parking ticket.               t

On the right panel we have 3 credit cards slots pockets tailored for 3 to 9 credit cards plus parking card

In Total 16 cards

Love that wallet, with 16 credit cards, money and parking card 19.5 mm thick . When you think that 16 cards stacked up together are 17.5 mm thick

 Louis Cardini

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