No 833 IDx2 CP/SR- (one side reversed credit cards panels)

Louis Cardini


 For the first time ever, Louis has created (in leather goods) the both sides reversed credit cards panels for interlocking the credit cards.  would Fits both side panels and still stays 1.5cm thinner when full VS the standard designs ever created and made before (SR one side reversed in the new way the only way)

3 to 6 credit cards wallet 

The full back single full goat leather lined compartment will fit any currencies.

Left credit cards Panel has a double frames ID window.

Under the flap as you lift it up you have 3 credit cards pocket. (possible 6)

Right Panel has as a flap closure coin purse side reversed to interlock with the left credit card panel.

Under both panels and under the credit cards you have another 2 compartment for your receipts or others.

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